[Changelog] FBackup 7

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[Changelog] FBackup 7

Postby Softland » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:54 am

FBackup 7.0 was released, this is a new major version with important features and improvements. You can download the latest version of FBackup here:

Changes in FBackup 7.1.313 (14-February-2018)
  • Update: Updated the CD/DVD burning engine
  • Update: Minor user interface language updates

Changes in FBackup 7.1.306 (02-February-2018)
  • Fix: Design corrections for high DPI scaling
  • Fix: Errors while running on Windows XP and 2003 Server

Changes in FBackup 7.1.301 (31-January-2018)
  • Fix: Telemetry option correction
  • Fix: Minor bug report fixes

Changes in FBackup 7.1.297 (26-January-2018)
  • Update: Danish language is now updated
  • Update: Japanese translation updated
  • Update: Italian language partially updated
  • Update: Swedish language partially updated
  • Update: Added option to send anonymous usage statistics
  • Fix: Added new translatable strings
  • Fix: Restoring permissions from a Samba share had inconsistencies

Changes in FBackup 7.1.251 (3-January-2018)
  • Fix: Updated Chinese Simplified translation
  • Fix: Check for Updates was showing up after each Windows login

Changes in FBackup 7.1.241 (12-December-2017)
  • New: System icons are now used for folders/files
  • New: Added new file date filter options
  • New: Interface available in French
  • New: Added Simplified Chinese translation
  • New: Added Indonesian translation
  • New: Interface available in Turkish now
  • New: Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Fix: Job details are loaded better now
  • Fix: Do not ask for restart if user pressed Cancel during setup

Changes in FBackup 7.0.220 (17-November-2017)
  • Fix: Check if another installer is already running during setup
  • Fix: Send logs when installation fails is now a checkbox
  • Fix: Schedulers are moved to another job when duplicating a backup job

Changes in FBackup 7.0.206 (02-November-2017)
  • Fix: Import backup jobs with plugins failed in some situations
  • Fix: Interface had translation errors in certain languages

Changes in FBackup 7.0.199 (30-October-2017)
  • Update: Quick Test option for Scheduler
  • Update: Improved loading of ribbon background image
  • Fix: Scheduled jobs were not imported correctly in some situations
  • Fix: Make sure backup catalogs are not in use during import
  • Fix: Edit scheduled task will display other tasks as modified
  • Fix: "Path not found" error for Dropbox backups
  • Fix: Destination folders were created in the root folder for Dropbox backups
  • Fix: Importing backup jobs with plugins in version 7
  • Fix: Restore default layout

Changes in FBackup 7.0.181 (17-October-2017)
  • Update: Switched to a new user interface theme
  • Fix: Scheduled tasks without a password import problem from previous versions
  • Fix: Mirror backups to Dropbox failed in certain situations
  • Fix: Empty folders were not backed up in certain situations for Mirror backups

Changes in FBackup 7.0.174 (12-October-2017)
  • New: Cloud backup to Dropbox
  • New: Added CD/DVD as backup destination
  • New: Fast Mirror option to copy only new and modified files
  • New: Added option to copy NTFS file permissions for mirror backups
  • New: Added option to "Copy files in a subfolder"
  • New: Added new exclude filters for "Office temporary files", "Linux mapped drives", "Windows system files"
  • New: Added search option for the Plugin Management section
  • Update: Restyled the ribbon interface
  • Update: Navigation pane can be compacted and customized
  • Update: New structure for the New Backup Wizard
  • Update: Restructured the list of Options
  • Update: Modified application folders paths
  • Update: Option to customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Update: "Last Modified" folder date is now also restored
  • Update: Backups to Google Drive now show realtime progress

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