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Help translate FBackup

FBackup offers multi-language support which eases the daily use of the program and will help you to use it as efficiently as possible especially if English is not your native language.

Below you can see a list of currently available languages (for the website and user interface). If you are interested in helping us translate the FBackup website and/or its interface, send an email to info@fbackup.com and we will contact you. We grant all translators free licenses for Backup4all Professional, you can see a comparison between them here: Fbackup vs Backup4all Professional.

Language Status Translated by
English English [default] -
Arabic Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Interface: Incomplete الأستاذ عوض آل-عايض الغامدي
Website: Needs review Ahmed Mohamed
Armenian Armenian Interface: - [translator needed]
Website: Needs review Arus Minasyan
Bulgarian Bulgarian Interface: Incomplete Vladislav Naydenov
Website: Needs review Kamen Lichev
Chinese Simplified Chinese Simplified Interface: Complete -
Website: Needs review 叶国洪(Henry Ye).
Chinese Traditional Chinese Traditional Interface: Complete Jerry Chao
Website: - [translator needed]
Croatian Croatian Interface: - [translator needed]
Website: Needs review Gordana Macecevic
Czech Czech Interface: Complete Blanka Spacilova | Krystof Slaby
Website: - [translator needed]
Chinese Traditional Danish Interface: Complete Liset Jill Nyland, E. Viuff
Website: - [translator needed]
Dutch Dutch Interface: Complete Jean-Paul van Haastert
Website: Needs review Roger Roelandt
Estonian Estonian Interface: Incomplete Inetcom
Website: Needs review Taavi Maidle
French French Interface: Complete NeoTraduction | Français Colok
Website: Needs review NeoTraduction
German German Interface: Complete -
Website: Needs review Roxana Ciobanu
Greek Greek Interface: Incomplete Christiana Tziortziou (ctziortziou.eurocv.eu)
Website: Needs review Konstantinos Daskalakis
Hebrew Hebrew Interface: - [translator needed]
Website: Needs review Ido Gendel (http://www.idogendel.com)
Hindi Hindi Interface: - [translator needed]
Website: Needs review Ashutosh Mitra
Hungarian Hungarian Interface: Incomplete Asztalos Attila Oszkár
Website: Needs review Asztalos Attila Oszkár
Italian Indonesian Interface: Complete Anthonious Tony
Website: Needs review Ahnan Alex
Italian Italian Interface: Complete Andrea Treggia (Treggia.it)
Website: Needs review Innocenzo Sansone
Japanese Japanese Interface: Complete -
Website: Needs review International Management LLC
Korean Korean Interface: Complete Joshua
Website: - translator needed
Macedonian Macedonian Interface: incomplete -
Website: Needs review Aleksandra Nakova
Malay Malay Interface: Complete Ah Sze Ong
Website: Needs review snid73
Norwegian Norwegian Interface: Incomplete Halvard Karlsen
Website: Needs review Halvard Karlsen
Polish Polish Interface: Incomplete Mariusz P. Stepien
Website: Needs review Global Poland
Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese - Brazilian Interface: Complete Claudio
Website: Needs review Daniel Henrique Tsuha
Portugal Portuguese - Portugal Interface: Complete Cristiana Mesquita
Website: - [translator needed]
Romanian Romanian Interface: Complete Adrian Mihut
Website: Complete Claudiu Spulber
Russian Russian Interface: Incomplete Vladimir Galushko
Website: Needs review Stanislav (aka STaN++)
Serbian Serbian Interface: Complete Ozzii
Website: Needs review Ozzii
Slovenian Slovenian Interface: Complete Nejc Ribič
Website: Needs review Sistem24
Spanish Spanish Interface: Complete Miguel Segura
Website: Needs review Prof. Norberto I. Schinitman
Swedish Swedish Interface: Complete Gloria Bezrukov
Website: Needs review Siv Astrom
Thai Thai Interface: - [translator needed]
Website: Needs review Krittiya Chanalithichai
Turkish Turkish Interface: Incomplete Kaya Zeren
Website: Needs review Kaya Zeren
Ukrainian Ukrainian Interface: Incomplete [translator needed]
Website: Needs review Юрій Холодовський
Vietnamese Vietnamese Interface: - [translator needed]
Website: Needs review Le Hang

The interface language translations are already included in the FBackup setup, so you will be able to select the desired language upon installation. The website translations can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding flag in the header of the website or on this page where the language status is described.

News über FBackup:

News über FBackup:

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